Since 2007 , the year we met the Bernese , we fell in love with the breed and immediately decided to have one.

The search was not easy, because there are several stereotypes of race and we had to find one, the perfect for us. After a long search, in early 2008 comes " DIVA" "Loreta de Dimaho" , insurance temperament , great structure, clean stains ; Champion Argentina today.

With it responsibly started this beautiful hobby of breeding , aiming at improving the race, with the humble idea that gradually they get to know our intentions to form a large breeding Bernese Mountain Dog . When we say " big" we do not mean just that it will be very big. We hope to have a few dogs, but these are really excellent , both in structure and health and temperament, which must be balanced and safe . In our humble opinion this is only possible by giving constant attention and affection. Each herdsman will be OUR dog and for any reason we are going to give away or sell when they can no longer fledge, but always be loose with everyone else , and live with us forever. We believe that in this way not only achieve respect and balance of our dogs, but we will achieve more importantly, they are happy !


Criadero Alpes del Sur

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